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Go to sleep now or try to write 500 words before bed?

Get to know the bloggers night!


I’ll answer all questions that come in my ask box!

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Guess who got to spend another two hours in urgent care today


I’m okay, it was latent pneumonia symptoms and all my bloodwork etc. is clear, but still.

Dear old boss:

Fuck you for fucking up my taxes and making me owe over $600.

My housemates and I are about to watch Star Wars Episode I.  azurish, this is ENTIRELY YOUR FAULT.

u should write buster+kristen fanfic that's smutty and hot and romantic and snarky


Oh anon, you have come to the wrong person for smut fic.  Sorry!

…does anyone want to go and see Backstreet Boys and Avril Lavigne at the Shoreline in Mountain View with me and G in May?  Lawn tickets are $10 cheaper ($22/each instead of $32/each) if we buy a four-pack.  Hit me up somewhere if you’re interested.

…I think we may actually be playing strip cards against humanity.

Apr 7

Put a band in my ask and I will do:


Am I a fan?:

First Song I Heard By Them?:

Favorite Song?:

Seen them Live?:

Favorite Member?:

Apr 3
Pre-Cap dinner. Om nom nom.

Pre-Cap dinner. Om nom nom.